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Smokers Travelling Kit Combo

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  • Silicone Pipe With Built-in Glass Bowl
  • 18mm Quartz Banger 4MM
  • Bubble Carb Cap
  • 5'' Metal Dabber
  • Mini Silicone Container
  • Metal Downstem
  • Small Water Bottle 8 OZ

Smokers Travelling Kit Combo

The SiliKit 3 in 1 is the best stoner-friendly smokers kit ever created. If you dab wax or smoke herbs, the SiliKit will be a bag full of joy. The SiliKit 3 in 1 features a silicone pipe with a glass bowl. If you want to dab, you can use the quartz banger along with the small water bottle you use for water filtration.

*It has to be open carefully, the zipper is delicate.

Smokers Traveling Kit Combo

For an avid concentrate lover, it becomes really a hassle to carry the patch set-up of smoking accessories while on the road. A fellow traveler knows how nightmarish it is to perpetuate concentration while traveling. Therefore, why not have a perfected kit dedicated to equipping you with all required factors for smoking, that too all-in-one?

With the minimum space obligation and equally less demand for spending finance, a smoker traveling kit is all you need.

3 in 1 Smoking Kit

Apart from having a handy smoking kit, it is also crucial to have an unassailable way of advancing the process. And for that, durable and functional blazing gear is called for. 3 in 1 smoking kit advice is just that – having a practical kit without any extra hassle.

To apprehend the need for this kit, you must know the whole set-up and tools that you will be effectuating out this kit. Here are three profound gears that are highly preached in the coterie of stoners.

Hand Pipe

Hand pipes, also known as glass pipes, are widely preferred by diverse types of smokers. Despite the viability of a hand pipe, and the level of high you can extract while smoking pipe, it is always a bit of a task, especially while on a journey. Therefore, a nifty smoking pipe is more than a necessity for passionate dabbers. 

Water Pipe

Water pipe smoking is another one of the celebrity instruments used for smoking purposes. Conventionally, used for herbal substances such as cannabis or tobacco, there is always a need for it in your traveling kit. A water pipe is responsible for a general and swifter toke and breeze. 

Dab Rig

A compact equivalent of bongs, a dab rig is a type of gadget that is used to smoke pieces of stuff like hash, oils, and styles of wax.  Despite its popularity, dab rigs are often built flawed or have led to contretemps. Not only are these small dab rigs extremely portable but also stand fewer chances of risks.

It only makes sense that you go for a product that allows you to own all three convenient and mobile tools, and that too at a more affordable price than to invest in highly labor-enticing instruments. 


Being a typical traveler already comes with myriad sorts of strains, and forces us to dig into more reliable and useful ways of addressing our issues. We have to be smarter and broader with the utensils we apprehend for our purposes. Such is the option of using a smokers traveling kit with 3 in one option that makes smoking way less stressful and cent percent more fun. 

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