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Smokerolla Metal Grinders

Precio original COP$150.000,00 - Precio original COP$150.000,00
Precio original
COP$150.000,00 - COP$150.000,00
Precio actual COP$150.000,00
The Smokerolla 4-part aluminum metal herb grinder is an essential tool for any seasoned smoker. Lightweight but durable designed herb grinders rip through your herb, grind it to perfection, and store precious plant kief screened and contained in a bottom compartment. Use the included scraper tool to scoop up the screened material to include in your next bowl hit or roll.
  • 2" Inches - 53 mm
  • Metallic Red
  • Metallic Black
  • Silver Chrome
  • Metallic Pink
  • 4-Part System
Color: Pink
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