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Roach Clips - @420klipz - Stainless

por Klipz
Precio original COP$38.080,00 - Precio original COP$60.690,00
Precio original
COP$38.080,00 - COP$60.690,00
Precio actual COP$60.690,00

Forget about the ancient 420 accessories past history and the roach clips your daddy used to use...

These badass roach clips are a new breed of awesome for your beloved doobies!

They grab like the strongest tongs but don't overbite, keeping the heat away from your fingers and make passing around the joint fun...

Stainless steel and guaranteed for life, Smokerolla is proud to present these 420 ultra high quality roach clips to our customer base, with love, direct from the manufacturer.

Choose the size that's right for you and score one of these today.

*each Klipz comes with a weatherproof sticker

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