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Clipper Metal Icy Lighter

Precio original COP$540.000,00 - Precio original COP$540.000,00
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COP$540.000,00 - COP$540.000,00
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Clipper Metal Icy Lighter

The Clipper Full Metal Rainbow Icy Clipper lighter is a part of the full metal series of the Clipper lighters that you have grown to love. The polished rainbow chrome finish makes this Clipper lighter really stand out. The Clipper Full Metal lighters are exactly that, these are not plastic lighters in a metal sleeve. The Clipper Full Metal Series lighters are refillable and reflintable. They also feature an adjustable flame, strike wheel that pulls out and can be used as a poker. This is a single, premium Clipper lighter with a gift/storage tin included.

Product Details:

12 Lighters per Display Case
Special Edition
Easily Refillable
Flint with a Poker
Adjustable Flame Lever on Bottom

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